Need a gynecological oncologist in Atlanta Area

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Hi, Just checking to see if anyone knows who are the best is gynecological oncologists in Atlanta.  This is very new to me, I just found out and was referred yesterday by my GYN to a gynelogical oncologist.  Just curious if anyone else from Atlanta can share who they know of and trust.  Thanks a bunch.


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    start with referral

    Your gynecologist is a very good place to start with a referral to a gyn oncolgist.

    Who's the best in a given area is always a very subjective assessment depending on how one makes that judgement. A lot of times it's based on criteria like where they went to school, awards recieved, and research or papers done, but none of that really speaks to actual patient care. Reviews like yelp don't help much either because it's usually the unhappy patients that write reviews that skew results.

    The best question I asked my gynecologist at the time when offered the choice between a gyn oncologist at the cancer center where I live or a doctor's group that specialized in cancer care was which would she go to if she were me. She didn't recommend the cancer center and that turned out to be the best advice ever!!  

    I'm currently on the hunt for a new gyn oncologist due to a move out of state and while my gyn oncologist that I love couldn't refer me to anyone specific, he did advise me to not look for a big name doctor who is chief of this or that or involved in research, etc. They don't have time for patients and I'm finding that to be very true. I've been feeling like an orphan nobody wants because I've already had surgery and treatments and keep getting told that the doctor doesn't do follow-up care on patients that he hasn't done surgery on. Yesterday I called a doctor who I got the same answer from but is in a group at Dana-Farber that has an associate who focuses on follow-up care and recurrences. Hallelujah! Just what I need for where I'm at. He has a good educational background and 10 years experience, but hasn't quite built a reputation for himself yet, but if I'm the kind of patient he's interested in, that's the best doctor for me.

    Go ahead and start with who your gynecologist is recommending. Your not marrying him and if he doesn't work out you can go for 2nd or 3rd opinions and change if you need to. Many of us have had to do that.


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    to learn you seem to have found the perfect doc for you. Will you have to change your name to MAarrived?

    BTW, I so appreciate your writing skills. Are you a professional?

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    Ha! Ha!

    I've kind of been wondering about that too, but have no clue how to do it or if it would be too confusing. 

    I haven't been a professional for a long, long time. I gave up my career to become the "Grammar Nazi" to my kids, especially when my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. It's paid off now that they are the professionals. I guess the lessons must have stuck with me.

    I've got an appointment with the new gyn onc next month so we'll see how this works out, but I have high hopes. Thanks for your kind words.Laughing