Post 34 Days...Fissure still irritating me. Weird Chest Pain This Morning

Ottawamarc1234 Member Posts: 148 Member

Getting up too early. Had a weird fleeting chest pain episode tjis morning travelled down left arm. Very quick and over with. Being having arm pains left side on and off all weekend. Subsided today. Was planning on going to Emerg but too tired. Slept late recurrence of chest pain. No jaw or other pains or nausea.. Who knows getting old 57 next Tuesday..still smoking.

Fissure still bothering me 34 Post..hurts after every poo. Though pooing is better now but still small and 'flat looking'. Seeing my Radiologist Dr. Jason PanPizza next Wed after my BirthDay. He like many other Docs are all on 'Summer Holidays'. Thanks