CT Virtual Colonoscopy Results

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Hi All,


54 yr old male.  First colonoscopy.  My mother passed away from Colon Cancer at the age of 65. 


I decided on the CT Virtual Colonoscopy.  In Northern CA, only Stanford Health Care and UC San Francisco off this service.  The amount of medicine you

have to swallow seems to be less with CT Virtual than traditional.  The lemon flavored Saline solution was fine as long as you had a nice piece of gum at

the ready.  The Barium Sulfate solution was torture.  It was banana flavored.  Very thick, and I felt like gagging with every drink.  But you only have to

drink half the bottle.  The next two small bottles you drink, I mixed one bottle with apple juice.  Not bad, not good.  The next bottle I decided to add

to salty broth hoping it would kill the flavor.  The heat of the broth seemed to intensify the awful flavor.  Started the process around noon, and completed

my anus peeing at about 11:00 PM.  Arrive for 8:00 AM appointment, and enter CT room.  They place a small tube in your anus and start pumping CO2

up there to enlarge the colon.  I was afraid if I farted, I would anus pee, but the nurse said it would just go into the tube and it is designed to handle this. 

Lie flat, lie on stomach, lie on side, all in about five minutes, and I'm done.  The CO2 just felt like you had to fart immensely.  Not really uncomfortable. 


So the results


7MM pedunculated polyp located 70 CM from rectum near splenic fixture

9 MM sessile polyp in the proximal transverse colon

9 MM sessile polyp in the distal ascending colon approx 179 cm from the rectum

6 MM sessile polyp in the proximal ascending colon

Multiple other tiny sessile foci in the colon less than 5mm in size


So I don't think that is bad, it is about what I expected.  Not sure if I'm going to be able to stop the cancer onset when it comes.  By the time they

knew my mother had cancer, her sessile polyp was stage 4 and was ripped out of the colon wall and blocked her entirely with tremendous pain.

Emergency surgery to remove it, but her CT scans showed liver, breast, and brain cancer.  If anyone had similar findings on their colonoscopies,

I'd be interested to hear about your progressions over the next ten years.  If I get another ten years before this attacks, that's cool




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       I guess it isn't too bad but what about removing them?   I had a post treatment colonoscopy back in June.  They found two, one in the ascending and one in the transverse.  Both were taken out and I didn't feel a thing.  I wish I would have done this 5 years prior.  I might have avoided the pain of stage 3 recal cancer.