Hello everyone, my wife has been given Xeloda 500mg to be taken everyday twice a day from her oncologist. Just wondering if anyone is on this and what I can expect from it.




  • Mikenh
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    I took Xeloda, 3,500 mg/day

    I took Xeloda, 3,500 mg/day for Neo-Adjuvant chemo for 28 days and I think that it may have cause diarreah at that time. I took it at 4,000 mg for a few months for Adjuvant Chemo and had to drop to 3,500 mg afterwards because of neuropathy issues. It can do things like color your fingers and toes, put darker spots on your skin. The main long-term thing to worry about is neuropathy.

  • plsletitrain
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    Never had any major issues

    Never had any major issues with xeloda.  Just some blistering on the feet which can be cured by lotion.  

  • Annabelle41415
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    Took Higher Dose

    Actually mine was a higher dose and took it in conjunction with radiation treatments.  It didn't affect my hands and feet very much like it does some people.  It was convenient because it was a pill though.  It was hard to tell if it gave me many side effects because radiation was really hard on me.  You should have her lather up with lotion a couple times a day on hands and feet as this will help.