Should I be worried?

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on January 30/18 had an ultrasound done on my abdomen. Results came back with right renel pelvic fullness and was due to a physiologic(not sure what that means)

blood work is was fine and urinalysis was good. I had another follow ultrasound in June 2018 with blood work and urinalysis. All came back good.

my ultrasound report states:

Findings: the right renel pelvic fullness is seen again and unchanged. No calculi or masses seen.

opinion: no calculi or definite evidence of obstruction. Right renel pelvic fullness without obvious ureteric distention. 

             Significance of this is uncertain. Stable findings.


im the type of person that over thinks everything and thinks the worse when it comes health issues. Ive reaserched this through and through. 

Mom waiting for urologist appointment. I’m a 37 year old male. Just wondering if anyone has had this as a sign or Symptom of the cancer.?. All the reaserch I have done

points me in the direction of a blockage, birth defect, possible back flow of the urine.


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    Try and relax

    I can't help with the symptoms you have. I would say to try and relax until until you have more information. If your Dr thinks there might be a problem you might have a CAT scan. From this forum that seems to be the best way to find RCC. It's going to be hard but try and stay away from Dr Google. It can lead you down some dark places that may not apply to you. Sending calming thoughts your way too you see your doctors...good luck

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    Doesn't sound like

    Doesn't sound like

    a Kidney Cancer issue. but follow up with the Utologist to get your answers.