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I just had my kidney tumor removed via a partial nephrectomy last week (8/1). Now the waiting for the pathology results....


Been in terrible pain since the surgery, specially in the back. That's making it very difficult to move around or get up from a lying position. Is that normal? And how soon does it get better then?

I'm still on a liquid diet, so it's al jello and broth and juices for me, so no bowel movement yet. Will likely start some solids later this week. 


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    Mine was 16 years ago. They yanked out the whole thing. These first few days are going to be a little rough Just part of the initiation. Take stool softeners now. It will be too late when that big day arrives. My surgeon wrote on my Discharge Sunnary that I was discharged without pain. I'm glad he didn't feel any. Every day willl get a little better with maybe a bad day in between.




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    Your doing good

    Your doing good even if you think your not. I was on clear diet for 1 day post op. Felt so much better with soft foods to start. We got a gravity chair and I slept in the living room for a couple of weeks post op. The back pain lasted several weeks and had occasional pain for months. Was held back from doing any gym work for 6 weeks. I was walking several miles by then but am glad surgeon held me back. Take it 1 day at a time. You should see improvement each day. If the pain persists call Dr and advise them. Sending healing Karma your way.

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    i had a lot of pain from my

    i had a lot of pain from my partial also. It seemed the back pain was the last to go. It took me about 3 weeks before it subsided. Slept in my lazy boy chair for a month as to hard to move around and get out of bed.  Been almost 5 months now.....feel great! It will get better.

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    Your description pretty much

    Your description pretty much matches my experience.  Listen carefully to Iceman's advice. 

    Good luck.  It appears you're progressing well.