Lymph node removal side effects 3 years post mastectomy

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Hello everyone.  I'm new to this site.  I'd like to supply some background before I get to my question for you all.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was rushed through the process like a jet taking off which left my head spinning.  I was given very little info about what to expect  and got minimal if no support from the surgeons and hospital cancer center.  I had no problems after surgeries but 3 years later I'm having excruciating pain in arm 11 nodes were taken from.  I'm suposedly cancer free (?)   My Oncologist said I may or may not have lymphedema and for me to see a therapist if I feel the need.

Has anyone had this problem in later years after breast and lymph node removal?

I can't find any info on older surgeries.  Just surgeries within less than a 6 months old.

HELP! if possible

Thanks in advance.


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    I have a girlfriend that developed lymphadema several years after surgery.  As I understand it, it can come on at any time even decades later.  She had quite a few more lymph nodes removed than you did, however.  Why not go see a lymphadema specialist?  They will tell you if that is what you are suffering from.  I'm inclined to say that you are probably having nerve pain, though.  Swelling occurs with lymphadema and it isn't all that hard to see and diagnose.  I think a visit to the specialist is a good idea so you can at least rule out lymphadema and if you have it, you can treatment for it the sooner the better.


    I hope you feel better soon.