Anybody here have or had a stricture in the colon?


After a trip to the ER by way of having some pretty nasty abdominal pain, and one colonoscopy later my G.I. doc is telling me he found a stricture in my colon and they plan on placing a stint in there to widen the passageway in a week or so. Has anybody actually experienced this? I'm not really apprehensive about the upcoming procedure, I just hope this stricture is the source of the pain.


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    I'm on the Anal Cancer board and not Colorectal although I do check in here sometimes.  I just found out I have a stricture in the colon after undergoing a colonoscopy for abdominal pain. The doctor couldn't advance the scope through the stricture without high risk of perforation.  I'm not sure where mine is at but based on the measurement he gave me, it would be near the end of the transverse towards the ascending side.   I'm having a gastrogaffin enema this week so they can try to see how the rest of the colon looks as far as strictures.  We haven't yet discussed treatment.  I would like to know how your procedure turns out.  Did you have radiation?  Mine is caused from radiation and the sigmoid looks scary with the submucosal hemorrhage and scarring. So I imagine the ascending looks as bad and is causing the pain.