Radiation treatment body position etc.

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This is going to sound seriously silly but my mom is having radiation treatment on her remaining breast. How do they position you for that? Do you sit in some kind of chair oriented thing or do you have to lie down? I had to lie down flat on my back for pelvic radiation. Just wondering. Thanks in advance!


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    My radiation was administered as I was on my back with arm over my head.  The machine moved around, but I was still.  They had foam pieces to adjust.  Once they were set for the first round the technicians knew how to place them each day.

    best wishes!


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    radiation position

    Hello Moped! I had radiation 2 1/2 years ago after a lumpectomy and the position was lying on my back on the table with my arm extended over my head, resting on the table. It was not uncomfortable and each time took only a couple of minutes. I hope it goes easily for her and what a kind daughter you are to be involved!


    Alison Kaufman