Lymph nodes

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My mom just had 17 out of 26 lymph nodes test positive for breast cancer. The doctor is telling her she has stage 3 but still has to get scans of  her body to make sure that it’s nowhere else. Is having that many lymph nodes test postive normal for someone who has  stage III breast cancer?


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    Hello Dchiles3

    Hello Dchiles3 ..sorry to here about you mom! but she is HERE and still fighting....I had a bunch of lymph nodes positive also left breast removal and had scans and testing prior to my surgery little over a year and half all the scan and test were negitive (thanks to GOD) did my Radiation etc treatments after recovery from surgery and now taking Letrozole tablets daily and making sure I keep my follow up appointments wilth all my doctors!  As we always say everyone body is sooo different ..please have you mom to continue to ask lots of questions to her doctors and (2nd opinion if needed)

    Best wishes to your mom ..prayers  I know she is thankful she have your support.