My mom just diagnosed with Stage 4 UPSC I'm so distraught.

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My mom was just diagnosed with Stage 4 serous endometrial cancer. She is a otherwise very healthy and lively 67 year old. So we are all in shock because she never gets sick . She had some post menopausal  spotting a few months ago after an ultrasound done they found ascites. They thought it was ovarian cancer but her ovaries "looked fine" according to the Dr. After biopsy and ct scan the obgyn oncologist says it is upsc and it's stage 4! She starts chemo carbo/toxil tomorrow. She is so strong and brave and I'm trying to be as strong as she is but I'm so scared. I have been doing everything to make her comfortable, cooking healthy meals for her trying to keep her upbeat. My mom is my best friend and i dont know what i will do without her.  I know this is a rare cancer and very aggressive, I don't want to read any of the statistics because I will just get even more down. Is anyone else here on the board coping with and/or fighting this horrible disease? Any stories of hope? Remission?


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    I'm sorry. First, ignore the

    I'm sorry. First, ignore the statistics on line. Most of them are older and not accurate. There are a number of ladies on here that were stage 4, and they're still here, posting sometimes, and living their lives. I had a different type of cancer, but just finished chemo and am doing well. Chemo isn't fun, but very doable, and you being there and supporting her will really help and encourage her.

    I'm sure some of the people who have been thru the same thing your mom is going thru will reply. But there are lots of stories of hope here!

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    Oh mimimee, it is ok to be

    Oh mimimee, it is ok to be scared and worry about your mom.  Please know that none of us can fight this fight without the love and support of our family and friends.  You are correct to stay away from the statistics - your mom is a statistic of one.

    Chemo can be constipating so you may need to run to the store for some Miralax.  It can also mess up your taste buds (nothing sounds good and nothiing tastes good) so similarly, if your mom wants something you might need to run out for that.  Your mom certainlly did a wonderful job of raising such a loving daughter.  

    Please come and ask us ANYTHING.  We are an open bunch of women and your mom is not alone.

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    Barnyard and NoTime have given you great advice, Minimee33

    Your Mom is blessed to have such a loving daughter as you are! I know how terrifying this diagnosis is, but know that you and your Mom are not alone. The fact that your Mom has lived a healthy life so far makes a BIG difference in her long term survival. Chemo ( Carboplatin and Taclitaxel) is the first line of defense usually after surgery for this Serous carcinoma. Most of us had 6 rounds of this chemo combination and some had radiation treatment. When I was told- after I had my hysterectomy and the tissues removed were evaluated in the lab- that I had UPSC, I knew that I was in trouble. I had been reading every research study I could get my hands on, so I decided to get not one second opinion but 2. Afterall, my life hinged on how successful my treatment would be!  Having said that, please know that ALL CANCERS and other diseases have a standard of care based on research findings. Insurance companies will pay for research-based treatment that benefits the patient either by extending the patient’s life and possibly curing the disease. I am still here -almost 5 years after being diagnosed with stage 3a UPSC. Remain hopeful- your Mom is after all a statistic of one!

    Warm Wishes,


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    We're Here for You!

    Your mom is a blessed woman to have such a kind daughter!  I'm a stage IVB, but not serous - endometrioid.  Still, I understand Stage IV is a scary thing to hear.  Please know that chemo is, as NTFC said, very do-able - especially when you have such support as a daughter like you.  I'd encourage your mom to ice her hands and feet during the chemo infusions to ward off neuropathy.   I had a bad reaction to Taxol, so had to switch to Taxotere with my Carboplatin.  Unlike many, I never lost my sense of taste at all - so I'm proof that it can happen!  We are here for you.  Ask what you need to.

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    Dear One, First I am so sorry

    Dear One, First I am so sorry that your Mom has this life threatening disease. Your Mom is blessed to have you to advocate for her. You also need to take care of yourself!  You will learn a lot from others who post on this forum. Please consider listening to guided imagery and affirmations to help both you and your Mom to cope with all that lies ahead. I am a uterine cancer survivor and I cared for my Mom when she had uterine cancer too. I really benefited from listening to Belleruth Naperstek’s CDs ( guided imagery & affirmations) downloaded from iTunes to my cell or order CDs from Amazon. She has CD specific to chemo and surgery and anxiety. I listened to them a lot while over the 7 months from surgery, chemo and radiation. 

    I can more than imagine how scared and worried you are. That is perfectly normal. Try to write your questions down to bring them to the GYN/ONC. You can always post here too and we will help you.  You are not alone....


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    Minimee33, I was pretty much

    Minimee33, I was pretty much in your position about 2 years ago. Like you, my mom had virtually no symptoms other than slight spotting. She was around your mother's age and not overweight and had a relatively healthy lifestyle. She ended up diagnosed as UPSC Stage IIIC2. She went through hysterectomy and a sandwich treatment of carbo/taxol and then both external and internal radiation.

    There is hope. There is always the possibility of this cancer coming back but for now, she is in remission and doing relatively well.

    Did your mother have hysterectomy prior to chemo? It's great that you are taking care of her and cooking her healthy meals. Continue to encourage her, be with her during her appointments, do some research and take the initiative to ask the doctors questions when you don't understand something. I know it can be emotional and overwhelming, but hang in there. I suggest looking into supplements as well. You can look into my profile to get the more detailed story if you're interested in my mom's journey.



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    Hi minimee33

    Hi minimee33


    The same thing has happened to my mother too. I just wrote a thread. 

    I am happy to talk via pm for support. 

    This is hard, i have never felt this way. All i know is i gotta help my mum fight this.