Recovery time from laparoscopic abdominal surgery?

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Backstory (if that helps you give me feedback/insight).

I was pregnant when they noticed the cyst - it ended up growing to 15cm by the time of my c-section. The oncologist came in and removed the cyst, ovary and fallopian tube (due to the size and location of the cyst). I misplaced my paper with the pathology results (it's a bit hectic over here), but they found it to be (or traces..not sure) an immature teratoma grade 1.
I just finished recovering from my c-section and cyst removal probably a week or so ago. This past Thursday I had my laparoscopic surgery (5 abdominal incisions).

How long has it taken you (or someone you know) to recover from this type of surgery? I find that I'm still getting dizzy occasionally (I stopped taking the pain meds because it made it worse). I'm going stir crazy not being able to lift things or bend over or sleep on my side. I will gladly accept any ideas on sleeping positions that might lessen back pain but accommodate my healing incisions.





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    lorahanne, follow the

    lorahanne, follow the insturctions and do not lift things.  You went from a c-section to laparoscopic - be kind to yourself.  It takes time, and everyone heals differently.  You are probably on the underside of 50 and youth helps in the recovery process as well.  As for sleeping - if you have one, try sleeping in a recliner??  

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    the surgeon still had to do all of the same work inside.  Your surface might night be cut to bits, but inside, you've still had a lot done.  Allow yourself to heal, and don't push it.