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I am new to this forum. Wanted to know if anyone is taking letrozole as an estrogen suppressor. I took tamoxifen for a month, and didn't do well with it. Also, any of you not taking any estrogen suppressor? Thanks! 


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    19 months

    i have been on Letrozole for 19 months.  SE so far - hair thinning, joint pain (especially knees and feet).  So far testing only shows fat necrosis, so I suppose the Letrozole is doing what it is supposed to do.

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    I had to go off Letrozole after one month because the SE’s made every bone in my ache and I could not walk or get out of a chair. It sas very bad for me. Good luck.

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    Hello Tro123

    Hello Tro123, I have been on Letrozole for little over a year and other than so joint pain knees when I sit for long periods or time and when I get up in the morning ..I have been doing ok with it..Blessed.  for the joint pains I normally get on my treadmill every morning for about 20 min to help with the pain and loosen everything up..AND I go on my waY! everyone system is very different and reacts to medication different.  PLEASE keep your Oncologist informed of any changes.



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    Bleeding eye

    I’m having a bleeding left eye during my IBRANCE treatment. Is anyone else ever had eye bleed during treatment? 

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    Hi. I started it last year June together with ribociclib and there has been some hair lose but minor. Some aches and pains but nothing unbearable. About 4 months ago some pain in my hip but otherwise it is alright.! For me the ribociclib has more SE eg diarrhea and dry mouth and skin. Also some mouth ulcers. 

    I think Beepositive is right everyone is different and we just keep going and hope for the best. 

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    I have been on Letrozole for

    I have been on Letrozole for a year.  My SEs were, initially, joint pain, but that subsided after about 6 months.  I'm also taking Ibrance.  I do have hair loss/thinning which really bums me out, but considering everything I could be going through...I try not to complain.  I also go in for Zometa infusions every 3 or 4 months, to strengthen my bones.  This will cause joint pain for one day.  I wish you well on Letrozole, it really hasn't given me problems.  Oh - well, maybe a little weight gain, but jury is out on who's fault that is!

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    I've been on letrozole

    for 4 months now, with virtually no side effects.  I had a few hot flashes when I first started it, but that's it.  No pain.  No hair loss.  Just lucky, I guess.


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    letrozole vs femara


    I have been on letrozole for about 2 1/2 months after completion of readiation treatments. I have not been sleeping very well at all. Hot flashes waking me up and achy joints waking me up. Then, last week I went to refill my monthly prescription and the pharmacist was all out of letrozole (generic). He said he'd refil my prescription with the name brand for the same price as the generic and that it was the exact same thing. Almost immediately I had good sleeping nights. No extreme hot flashes and joints were a little less achy. I will be explaining this to my Endrocronologist next week and investigating the price difference!


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    I am taking letrozole and having trouble with flushing when body gets warm. Not just sun exposure but even inside the house in kitchen cooking. My arms will start itching and if I don't remove myself from the source of warmth, I will develop almost hive looking symptoms. Been taking for about 2 months now. Does it ever clear up? I am an outdoors person and have been inside all summer. Oncologist seems perplexed?