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My 55 year old mother passed away after a 20month battle on July 15. I am 5 and a half months pregnant with her first grandchild. I feel like Im in a fog. The 2 week hospice experience, the week of funeral planning.. I’m still waiting to wake up. I keep thinking is there anything different we could have done? What a horrible disease. She was diagnosed stage 4 after experiencing abdominal pain and UTI pain that came up negative. I am praying for all you ladies on this board. I’m so sad for everyone going through this. I guess I don’t have much of a reason to post besides vent and tell you all that I’m thinking about women fighting this disease constantly. 


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    Im so sorry about the loss of

    Im so sorry about the loss of your mother to this terrible disease . All I can offer is many prayers to you and the wish for a healthy baby. I’m sure you were a great comfort to your mother.

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    Losing a parent is hard enough but having to watch them suffer is even harder.  I was diagnosed Sep/2016, Stage 1c ovarian cancer and my neighbor across the street was diagnosed with Stage 3 on Feb/2017.  Today, I'm near to 2 years cancer free, but my friend Jeanne is gone, having lost her battle with cancer in March/2018.  Losing anyone you care for is hard.  Give yourself time to grieve and try to focus on the miracle growing inside of you.  Your life is about to take on new meaning, and know that there's a part of your mother in that sweet child that's soon to be born.  I wish you both peace and good health.

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    Rachbrum, I am so sorry to

    Rachbrum, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom.  With everything you listed, there is no doubt you are in a fog.  I would just say:  be kind to yourself.  You, your baby, and your family are in my prayers.  

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    Rachbrum, so very sorry for your loss


    I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you a virtual hug. With all you are going through it is no wonder you are feeling in a fog. Please take care of yourself.  The board is a really good place to come to vent.  But more importantly you can find support here as well.

    Prayers and energy to you, your baby and family.