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I have had cancer for exactly 2 minutes.  Seriously, I graduated nursing school on Apr 25th, May 9th diagnosed with uterine cancer, June 7th hysterectomy and stage 3 carcinosarcoma, then July 6th Mets to stage 4.  I haven't even had a chance to deal with the first bit of news before I get slammed with new info.  I started chemo finally after a long process because my kidneys had shut down on me.  I have this ascites that is really bugging me.  The first paracentesis pulled off 2.5 liters of fluid, second 6 liters, and the third they couldn't get a large enough pocket.  How do you all deal with the asites?  Do I just have to wait it out?  Also, I have a hard time seeing my computer and my phone now, is this a temporary side effect of chemo?  Thanks all!


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    .....and I can relate.  I went from routine ultrasound to biopsy to surgery to Stage IV pathology in less than one month.  Started chemo 6 weeks after that.  I totally remember being absolutely overwhelmed.  All I can tell you is that during chemo, (it sounds a little odd) things actually settle down a bit and you can catch your breath.  I didn't have ascites, so can't speak to that, but I did have some eye-blurring, which has remained.  Eye doctor says everything's ok - maybe try some drops as your cells are sloughing rapidly.  Blessings. We are here for you.


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    New cancer diagnosis, new nurse

    Wow! You have enough  deal with for sure! Is the ascites  your kidney failure or from the cancer?  I didn’t have ascites so can’t really speak to that. How do you know when you need to get “tapped” again to get rid of the excess fluids. Maybe you weigh yourself and if you gain more than 3 pounds you have the paracentesis procedure. Many of us survivors deal with lymphedema in our pelvis and/or legs. But that is managed with compression stockings, message and exercise. My heart goes out to you as you manage through all you are dealing with. 

    Congratulations on completing your nursing studies!! I know the courses are rigorous!


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    Chemo messes with your eyes;

    Chemo messes with your eyes; I was told it was the steroids. It'll get better after you're done; mine did. 

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    kahea, I remember you posting

    kahea, I remember you posting back when  you joined and I am so sorry to hear about what you have been going through.  I can't comment on the ascites, but I am definitely praying for you.

    Hugs warrior.

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    There is such a thing as

    There is such a thing as neuropathy of the eye and I have it! I also have neuropathy in my tongue which means I choke easily if I'm not careful.  So far, my eyes, almost three years after diagnosis, are a problem.  Some days I see just fine; other days not so fine.  I've had my glasses changed five times in the last two and a half years and right now, I could use another prescription change.  AND, sometimes they even get better!!  Weird, huh??

    I am sorry this is all hitting you at once! It is quite a shock to be told you have cancer. I have never had the fluid build-up problem but if you read the list of possible chemo side-effects, I think I've had them all but death.  However, I am still alive and, knock on wood, NED, at least for the time being.

    Keep us updated on your journey.  This is such a good place to come for answers or to just vent.



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    Things go so fast sometimes

    Things go so fast sometimes when getting cancer doagnosis. I was told i had cancer in april 2016(I think the first week)

    When the doctor called me tp tell me she already had a doctors appointment set up for me to see her. Fortunatly sje was willing to change the time so i wouldnt miss work

     i wss in for sirgery by the first part of May and doing chemo by june 11th. I remember that because i refused to do chemo on my birthday on the 10th.  

    Any ways, im sorry you have to go through all this stuff. I hope you find comfort with forum because i did

     I couldnt have done it with out them. Amy wife is right when she says things settle down during chemo. You are doing this stuff and that is great.  Dont be too hard on yourself

     This stuff isnt easy and it sounds like you are doing great.


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    what was the testing in June?

    what was the testing in June?  Was it just a CT scan, and then later they did a better scan (like a PET scan)?  So perhaps you were stage 4 all along and not just determined earlier, or do you think that the cancer really spread that fast?  I start radiation and chemo therapy on 8.20.  Original diagnosis was 7.5.  So concerned that the cancer could be speading in this six week period of time :(

    I am sorry for your diagnosis.  I wish you the best...