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I took prilosec for more than a decade and I always wondered about whether it contributed to my colon cancer.  Here, in abstract only, in a meta-analysis that shows a 67% increase in colon cancer for long term PPI users.  Dang.

The association between the long-term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and the risks of various diseases remains controversial. . . Odds of . . . colorectal cancer were 67% . . . higher in patients with long-term PPIs use compared with patients who did not use PPIs. Although the use of PPIs provides short-term health benefits, their prolonged use is associated with minor and also potentially major adverse health outcomes. Hence, we strongly recommend that the prescription of PPIs should be done with caution to improve the medication's efficacy and patients' safety.


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      I've been drug-a-phobic for

      I've been drug-a-phobic for as long as I can remember.  Prior to this cancer the only thing I ever took was aspirin and that was rare.  My line of thinking was, if it was intended to be taken it would be in something we eat anyhow.   So much for that idea, lol.

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    Someone that I've known for years has been on this a long time daily and they never got colo/rectal cancer, however heard that it can cause kidney problems and cancer.  My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer, removed kidney and still was presribed it.  I'm not one to analyze everything I've ever eaten or taken over the years as that would drive me crazy.  Guess we have to continue to look to the future and decide what we think best from this day forward.  I'm going to enjoy the rest of my life however long that is.  Remember when they said that coffee was bad for us - heck they change statistics so many times it's hard to tell what is good for us anymore.