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I had to flip a coin to see which forum I would make my first post.  Kidney won.  While battling Sepsis from a prostate biopsy in April a Bosniak 4 tumor was found on my right kidney with a Pelvic CT Scan.  The good news is the tumor is < 3cm and the prostate cancer appears to be localized with all testing/results thus far.  I'm going in next week for a second prostate biopsy to determine just how aggressive the prostate cancer is.  This one will be a 3T Fusion MRI guided procedure.

Results from the pending prostate biopsy will determine if I have a nephrectomy (partial hopefully) before treating the prostate cancer.  The renal doctor offered a couple solutions, but to me removal seems the best course of action.  He had no doubts that the tumor was malignant.  I am 67 yo and fairly active, just starting to enjoy my retirement and not ready to give up my competitive fishing.

I am just starting to read and learn what to expect post robotic kidney surgery.  I believe I am past the absolute panic stage of hearing the words “you have cancer”.  I am being treated by a team of urologists at a teaching hospital in Houston, Texas.

Hello everyone!



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    ---- to the  club no one in their right mind would volunteer to join. Sorry about the other issues. Sisteen years ago at a young 59 it took me about 6 weeks to get back to a slow normal. At 11 months out I was back on water skis. At 67 you may want to skip that. My Uro Surgeon was trained at Baylor. He was a Newbie than and now he is Head of Uro at the Hospital I was nephed at. He wrote a joke on my discharge Summary that I was discharged without pain.




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    Incidental find again

    A lot of diagnoses here have been incidental finds. Hopefully you'll get the game plan for both procedures soon. There have been many recent posts on the different types of surgeries for you to know what's coming. It shouldn't be too long for you to get back to fishing, sending positive thoughts your way.

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    I'm glad yours were found

    I'm glad yours were found while still quite small. Mine was huge and no symptoms. Found incidentally as well. All the best, and you're in the right place for info and empathy. We can all relate. Nothing scarier than the "C" word to anyone. Mine was a radical neph, open, took 10 hours. If you read my profile, you can see it all. Glad yours is a lot smaller! You are in a good place there in Texas for treatment. Keep us posted.

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    Good morning Mudman, It seems we find ourselfs in a similar situation, I was diagnosed and treated for Pca in 2016 and had a mass discovered on my right kidney the day after Christmas in 2017. I have watched it for 6mo but on the 5th of July It was discovered to be growing. My URO gave me 2 options surgery or CRYO I am meeting with a interventional radiologist this coming Wednesday to get his take on it. The best advice I can give is do your homework research all possible treatments then come to an educated decision as to which one is right for you. As far as the Pca may i suggest going to WWW.healingwell.com and to the prostate cancer forum it is one of the best places for info I have found. By the way I will be 66 in Oct and it appears the Pca is under control I was a gleason 7 (4+3) and had SBRT radiation at UAB in Birmingham Al,. Technology has changed the way a lot of cancers are treated now days and we have not automaticaly been given a death sentence. I wish you the best and if I can share any info please let me know.


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    Thanks to all for the replies and confirmations of I am not alone in this fight.  

     I should have additional input that hopefully could be helpful for those coming behind me in their respective fight.  

    One thing I have learned the last few months is to ask for and read your reports from any imaging or procedure.  In my case, the current 2.6 cm Bosniak 4 tumor was a 2.2 cm simple cyst in 2007, discovered to be complex during a prostate MRI in July 2016 at 2.4 cm.  During the July 2017 prostate MRI the imaging team made a recommendation for further investigation to my former Uro.  My former Uro never mentioned the cyst. It was the "second opinion" and current Uro team at the new hospital system informed me of the seriousness of the tumor after additional MRI and CT Scan imaging. 

    How I discovered this history was a request from the hospital staff to create a MyChart account for the first hospital system while I spent a week on a Sepsis vacation from the prostate biopsy in April. I was then able to read my medical history with notes from that hospital system.  

     Pardon my rambling, but I had to get that off my chest and feel a little better writing those thoughts down for the first time.