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Just received the reminder for my first scan after 6 months of my partial....

I am so scare that already made a "pit stop" at the hospital with a panic-anxiety/attack.... all blood work was in order and chest Xray . Just the ALT and ASt (liver) a little bit high


Any advice of how to deal with this??





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    Stress is always there

    Since diagnosis the fear of return is always lurking. Its easy for me to say try and forget it but it's easier said than done. Have you told your primary care Dr the rising stress levels? Perhaps the Dr can address it with anxiety meds, or a therapist to talk about the stress. I hope you find some answer quick but I am thinking of you and sending some positive thoughts your way.

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    I think it’s safe to say that

    I think it’s safe to say that we all get anxious at scan time.  I have no magic answer about how to address it.  I take low dose Xanax when I fly and it got me onto an airplane after having not flown from 1978 to 2012.  So when the day for the scan comes, I take half a dose and it’s manageable.

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    Scan time

    Scan time is always stressful even for those of us who have done it many times.  I have just passed 5 years since nephrectomy and all has been fine so far.  I had a CT scan and chest xray last week and my appointment with my doc is not until August 8.  I am trying to forget all about it until nearer to time but it is not easy.  Like Bay area I have a prescription for Xanax but don't use it unless the stress becomes unmanageable. So I try to stay focussed on the positive and tell myself I will worry about it closer to seeing my doctor. Hang in there, wishing you all the best.

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    Like the others have said--the anxiety is part of the "new life".  Everybody is different in how they cope with these feelings.  The mental game can be pretty challenging, but I try to make a consious effort to focus on the it will be early and small if they catch something.  This would be to my advantage. 

    I'm also a runner, so when I get a little too stressed I hit the road for a long run. 

    You'll figure out what works best for you.  Good luck!!


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    Thanks to all for the

    Thanks to all for the encouraging words... I am having very dark days and nights.... I am feelling all kind of symtons and I went to many times to the Dr just to have my blood checked along with my lungs.... all came back I feel fine for a couple of days and again some pain make me go down... and again the panic and anxiety

    I am seeing a therapist to help me out... I am seeing some improvements . This situation changes your life... 

    I am working very hard every day to "see the light" again.... if you are feeling like this, you are not alone....





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    Four and 1/2 years later the

    Four and 1/2 years later the anxiety is still there but much less than initially. Sometimes I just want to chuck all the follow up and take my chances so I don't have to deal with doctors and scans and test results. It definitely is life changing. Hope your therapist will help lessen the stress for you.

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    When you're a hammer...

    When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Even when it's not.

    When you've been diagnosed with cancer, everything looks / feels / smells / tastes / sounds like cancer. Even when it's not.

    The suggestions given above are good. Something else to think about... As Fox reminds us, "We're not dying of cancer, we're living with it." One excellent set of life skills is to develop a set of habits to deal with stress in all its forms. Work on developing a bunch of those and they will serve you well in all sorts of settings you may find yourself in, including but not limited to scan time.

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    Just keep on

    Doing what you're doing I am so sure things will calm down for you.  Therapy is the way to go-so therapeutic to talk to a neutral and professional person.  Antianxiety meds isn't a bad idea either even if it's just till you're feeling better. I was in your place 8 months ago never thought I'd be myself again but with the help of g-d and my loves ones I'm so  much better B"H-keep up the good work -June