MD ordered Genetic Testing for Mutation - genes, specific to colon ca

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I noticed that there have been previous blogs about this topic but they were older.  Technology connected with medicine have come along way since then. I wanted to know everyone's point of view on this. It sounds like they are making head way on it. I had questions myself of history repeats. Population control - insurance discrimination, etc.... We can't control the future. We might be able to help our generations after us???? I was told that within the next few years we may see a change in how they treat cancer. It has come a long way from 10 years ago to now.


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    There are two main types of

    There are two main types of testing: Genomic Tumor Testing and Genetic testing. Genetic testing tests the person - is there something in their DNA that can predispose them to cancer or that can make treatments dangerous or ineffective?  Genomic Tumor Testing get a biopsy of the tumor for testing. The tumor has one or more mutations resulting in uncontrolled growth. Knowing the tumore mutation can be useful for making treatment decisions.

    There's a lot going on in cancer treatment and one big area is immunotherapy which recruits the body's immune system to kill tumor cells.