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Hi, I have been finished with radiation for 6 weeks, and was one of the lucky ones who had relatively easy treatment side effects. After finishing my liquid meals it feels like there is something in my throat. It also feels this way when I try small bites of food as I go about trying to taste foods again. Even with gargling water or swallowing hard this sensation remains. Will this feeling of having something stuck in my throat go away? I had minimal throat pain during radiation, and have had none for more than a month.

Considering the trials and tribulations of several on this site I'm sorry if this comes across as a petty complaint but I figure others have experienced this same thing at some point in their treatment.

Thank you for your consideration!


  • SuzJ
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    Sounds about the same..

    Yes, it'll go away, as my Rad Onc said, one day, you'll realize that today wasn't as bad as yesterday, and so on. Very Wise man.

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    FOOD 101


    SuzJ, you stole my thunder.  I was thinking the very exact words.

    I am glad your treatment side effects were nominal. My only bad side effects were my neck burn and my throat, mouth and tongue discomfort, for which  I used the silver sulfadiazine cream and the magic mouth wash (very successfully).

    It isn’t at all petty to be concerned with your ability to enjoy eating (again). Enjoyment of eating is far and away the #1 issue which comes up on  the H&N forum.  Whether it is swallowing, tastes like metal, tastes like cardboard, feels awful, etc. Many H&N members swear that they were foodies before and those who know which way the wind blows, hope that the will return to the “Land of Eating”.


  • Kskokko
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    Due to the lymphedema, I get pressure on the side of my throat.  Manual lymph drainage can relieve it, temporarily.

    Talk to onc about a PT referral to see if you are developing lymphedema

  • Frances_S
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    Swallowing Therapist

    My husband had the same problem. He started seeing a swallowing therapist which helped him learn how to swallow again. He always felt as if food was getting stuck. The therapist had him doing specific exercising to help rebuild and learn to control his throat muscles. I am sure the swelling from the treatment was a big part of the problem. Time heals.

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    Second Frances_S comments...

    Often they will have you consult with a speech therapist who can do a swallow test where they do a real time xray where they watch you swallow stuff.  They can see if there are places where food is getting stuck or if the structure of your throat has changed as a result of the treatment (it often does).

    They can then prescribe specific exercises to help decrease any of those issues.  Check with your team to see if they have one available.


  • Dean54
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    Like you I had minimal side effects

    But I'm about 10 months post treatment and I still feel the "stuck in the throat" daily with still minimal taste buds. It's more annoying than anything and think it's worse if I drink something like Liquid Hope rather than actually eat but can deal with it alright as I don't thinks going away after all this time.