My boyfriend has been diagnosed stage 4 PMP




two weeks ago my boyfriend went to the ER with stomach pains. He was first told he had internal bleeding from what the X-ray showed. They thought his spleen burst. Once he had surgery they then knew it was cancer. A jelly like cancer spread throughout his organs. They immidietly told him he had 1 year to live. He is 26 years old. Healthy as a horse. He has his surgery consultation in 3 weeks. They are hoping to do the HIPEC procedure. I feel so lost and heartbroken. We were arranging to get married soon and start our life together. Many doctors have told him that all he has going for his is that he is young. And he may live five years before it comes back and have another surgery. But that eventually they can no longer do the surgeries and he will be untreatable. I and the rest of his support system have been trying to keep our faith that he will get through this and fight hard to live a long healthy life. 

Can anyone give me information on their experience. Should he go on disability while doing treatments? Are treatments expensive? He has insurance but I’m sure there are other payments to be made. What’s the best nutrition option? We have him doing fresh organic produce and products. What should he avoid? Has anyone taken CBD oil? I have read articles about that helping. I will try anything!! Thank you in advance. 


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    Hello Frankie,  How is your

    Hello Frankie,  How is your boy friend?