TRAM flap recon procedure

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Hello all! This is my first time posting here and I was hoping for some insight, feedback, tips, etc. for my upcoming TRAM flap reconstructive procedure.  I was diagnosed January of 20th 17 with stage 3, triple positive bc at 32yo. I've fought and won the long, hard battle and I'm now at the "putting myself back together" stages. Right breast was removed, expander failed and now I'm looking at this option.  I would really just like some advice from anyone who has gone through this procedure. What was recovery like? Any tips or useful tricks I might need to get through the recovery process a little more easily? I'm terrified of not having any abdominal strength… can it be regained? Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!


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    DIEP flap reconstruction

    I chose to have DIEP flap reconstruction. For myself it was a better option than than the TRAM flap. It does not use any muscle so there's no strength lost. it's similar to the TRAM flap but they transplant only fat and skin, not muscle. Not all surgeons are trained in it. You can find one that does and have a consult with them. I don't mean to confuse you if your surgery is already scheduled, but I think it's important to know all your options. It's your body and your decision.

    I did a lot of research and asked questions from other women who had different kinds of reconstruction. A mentor from the organization ABCD (an acronym for, after breast cancer diagnosis) helped me tremendously. I interviewed surgeons and found one that I liked and trusted.

    I took off eight weeks from work for recovery. I got through it just fine. I pampered myself with lots of rest and let the people that love me help me.

    I hope this is helpful and not confusing. I'm glad you posted to this wonderful place of support.

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    What did you have done?

    What did you end up doing". I currently have a tissue expander, but am considering having my other breast removed because I am in the high risk of recurrence group, and I have a gene mutation.  I am wondering if flaps would be better, but also worry about muscle strength and hernias.  I am a potter, so muscle strength is important to me, too.  Also, when they did your tissue expander, did they move part of the muscle under your arm to partially cover the expander?