my mom :(

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my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she've done lumpectomy, and now she is receiving chemotherapy, her right breast is red and thickned, after she receive the dose it's more red, in few days it's less red.

can someone help me thank you


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    sORRY TO HEAR YOU ABOUT YOUR MOM..but she is still HERE!! she should keep contact with her Oncologist regarding side effects from the chemo and any questions she have. Im sure others on this site will have some comments regarding their journey with chemo and everyone body is very different and reacts differently to treatments. we can all just tell you and your mom our experiences.. i had radiation. ..make sure your mom visit the oncologist as she is taking her treatments and ask lots of questions if you can go with her that will be much info .

    I know your mom is go greatful you are supporting her with your love !! hugs and prayers to you and your mom!