Anybody Here..."Not Eventually Had Sugery" to get Rid If Leftover Tumour...

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...or do we all have to have the Surgery eventually after Chemo and Radiation are completed?


  • eihtak
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    Treatment for anal cancer is very effective even for those diagnosed at later stage and the majority of people never need surgery. 

    In my case, I had ostomy surgery as the first step in my treatment due to size and location of tumor. It was done in a way that was intended to be reversed several months upon completion of treatment. Unfortunately, some minor complications and severe radiation damage made the liklihood of a successful reversal slim so it became permanent.

    That was over 7 years ago and today I'm doing great.

    There are many long term survivors here who have never needed any surgery to remove residual tumor or as a means of treatment.

    Try not to let your mind wander to the what if's that may never be...


  • mp327
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    I am almost 10 years post-treatment and have had no surgery, if what you are referring to is APR with colostomy.  The only surgery I've had that was related to my anal cancer was the removal of 3 anal condyloma 2 years after treatment, which were removed to prevent them from possibly eventually becoming cancerous. My treatment for the cancer was chemo/radiation only.