WBC Count as marker

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My mother had a RadicalHysterectomy recently. For some years before this, her WBC count was shooting up and the doctors could never really figure out what that pointed to. In the last 3-4 years it went from around 6000-7000 to about 14000 a couple of months back. After the surgery, within a month I got her to do the tests again just to check my theory that it could have been due to the cancer. Within a month of surgery, they have come down to about 12500.

I have seen comments here about using CA-125 tests as a marker. Has anyone been following their WBC count as markers? I know it comes down a lot during chemo but outside of that has anyone tracked that to diagnosing cancer or its recurrence etc?


I am looking to get a CA-125 done for my mother before the chemo starts and am interested to see if a simple WBC count test along with more complext CA-125 test can be used a a marker for the longer term to monitor health.




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    White blood cell count

    Hmmm...interesting question. WBC raises when one is fighting an infection. If one’s cancer has caused an erosion of tissue and subsequent infection then the WBC count would rise if there was a type of infection. WBC is also a function of one‘s immune system. That being the case I haven’t heard of WBC being a “marker” or value other than to identify if a person’s  immune sYates if fighting off an infection. I haven’ t heard of a correlation. Not like a CA 125 in Ovarian cancer. Good question . Others will no doubt weigh in. 


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    Blood marker

    If you want to get your mother one of the better tumor markers for endometrial cancer,
    get her tested for HE4, along with the CA125. This marker was approved by the FDA in
    2008. It is also known as a better marker for recurrence than CA125. Getting tested for
    both is the ideal option.  You should also track ferritin levels during chemo (stored iron
    levels- cancer loves iron).

    High white blood cell counts are indicative of an infection, as Northwoodsgirl says. High counts
    can also be tied to leukemia.  



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    CA 125

    I have no idea about white counts, but it sounds as if you are really monitoring your mom's health, and what a blessing to her that  must be!  It's hard to think straight when you're in the midst of it, so having you as an advocate and researcher is amazing.

    CA-125 was apparently not a marker for me, but I'm going to ask for it again in the fall just in case, and also ask for the HE4 - thanks, Takingcontrol!

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    I went back and looked at my WBC and in 2012 it wwas 7,000 and it was 8,200 right before surgery.  I also noticed that my Gyn/Onc ordered a 'White Blood Cell Differential' test before surgery.  It contained a lot of things that I don't understand and I didn't ask about it.  You may be onto something.

    NEUTROPHILS % 45.1 % %
    LYMPHOCYTES % 33.4 % %
    MONOS % 8.1 % %
    EOSINOPHILS % 12.6 % %
    BASOPHILS % 0.8 % %
    NEUTROPHILS 3.70 10*3 uL 1.70 - 6.30 10*3 uL
    LYMPHOCYTES 2.70 10*3 uL 1.10 - 3.50 10*3 uL
    MONOCYTES 0.70 10*3 uL 0.10 - 0.90 10*3 uL
    EOSINOPHILS 1.00 10*3 uL 0.00 - 0.70 10*3 uL
    BASOPHILS 0.10 10*3 uL 0.00 - 0.10 10*3 uL





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    WBC, that is going to be

    WBC, that is going to be something to think about.

    CA125 is not really a good indicator for me, but I still get the test and wait with bated breath for the results.  

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    Thanks for the feedback. I

    Thanks for the feedback. I believe there is enough data within this forum to understand if there is some anecdotal evidence or trend. If people respond, we may find out more. A CBC test is cheap and easy. My mother's doctor said CA-125 was not a predictable marker for Serous/UPSC but I am getting it done just to baseline it before the chemo starts in a couple of days.

    Thanks for the pointers on HE4 and HER2. Will look that up.

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    Anyone wants to share more data

    Anyone else tracking WBC count as marker - or have counts from when cancer was diagnosed and before?