Hello-almost diagnosed completely

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Hi.  After reading so many posts here, I decided to join.  Great support and really good stories.  

So far I've had a growth on my thigh that was diagnosed Metastatic Carcinoma from the Breast.  Went to an oncologist, then went for MRI, PET scan, Labs and a Chest xray, and have another appt with the oncologist.  So I'm waiting for a more difinitive diagnosis.  Someone is thinking "Invasive Lobular carcinoma" from the symptoms of my breast.  I am very anxious tonight .  It's like I can't find anything to concentrate on, nothing to do, not tired, and not interested in watching tv right now.

It will be nice to hang out with you all here.  But sorry I'm here.



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    Hi Lolacan

    I'm sorry you are almost a memeber of the club that no one wants to join. That being said you will find that this group has a wealth of support and comfort for you. The waiting for an official diagnosis is the worst. I understand not being able to concentrate, sleep etc. When I was diagonosed 9 years ago I would sit in the dark at 3 in the morning and pet my cat while my family was sleeping soundly. I remember just feelilng lost. Once there was a plan in place I felt a bit better. It's not a picnic to deal with but it is doable. Love surf

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    Hi Lolacan,

    Hi Lolacan,


    I am new to the group and I felt the same as you when I stumbled across this group.   What a great support.   I had a double massectomy July 3rd.   I haven't been released to the oncologist yet and still mostly am in shock.   You do feel better when a plan is in place.   And then you do it.   Love,  Susan

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    hello Lolacan

    hello Lolacan..I know the feeling one day i just minding my own business and ..then life changed!! it took me a few days to digest it all and then I decided ..I saved my life by requesting additional testing because i knew something was not right with my left breast( removal over year ago) I feel blessed and living my "new NORMAL" I now try to focus on the things i can control and that make me happy...its a big adjustment and family sometimes dont know how to handle it and lot of people say they go distance but my sisters do that because they are scared they are there for me but only talk about it when i bring it up.. otherwise we enjoy our life and take day at time.

    dont beat yourself up ...prayer and hugs to you.