Letrozole/Femara and dry mouth

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Hello, all!

   I know that some are just beginning AI therapy, so I thought I would share my most recent experience in the hope that you might avoid some unnecessary expense down the line. . . .

   I have been taking Letrozole for about 18 months now.  At my last dental visit both the hygienist and doctor remarked at how severe my dry mouth was compared to previous exams.  My mouth is so dry that some of my gums at the molars were receding.  I ended up needing some periodontal care $$.  

    The recommendation moving forward is that I rinse with biotene or use Zylitol products (melts, gum,etc.).  CVS has their own brand products that contain the same active ingredients.

     Really, I am not endorsing a product here, just sharing my experience.  If you notice dry mouth while on your AI, talk to your dentist.  I did not experience this while on chemo, but maybe I was so distracted by other SE - I think the same was true when beginning AI.  I was more concerned over bone/joint pain, memory and hair loss!

      Wishing all a summer of sunshine and smiles!




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    Hello.  Just to be quick.  I

    Hello.  Just to be quick.  I am on Ibrance, Letrozole. Stage 4, doing well.  But I wake up with fluid in my mouth that is just foul.  I spit it out before I brush my teeth.  Some bleeding, not much.  I rinse with bacteria aides...  But I hope you have good advice from your doctor as well.  God bless.  xokat