Question about high grade diagnosis

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Hi, I had a biopsy yesterday and today my doctor called and said I have breast Cancer. All she said was that the radiologist said it was high grade. She didn't have the pathology report yet. So now I have to wait till Friday when I have an appointment with a surgeon. Is it possible to have a high grade cancer that is stage 1 or 2? I've been a total wreck since I found out and now I have to wait 2 more days . Thanks for any help, I'm so scared. 


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    Yes, it is possible

    Hi Val,

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this diagnosis.  I wanted to let you know, though that yes, it is possible to have a high grade diagnosis and have it be stage 1 or 2.  Mine was high grade and it was stage 2.  That was 8 years ago.  So far I have been in good health with no recurrence.


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    Also Stage 2 Grade 3

    My diagnosis was 3 years ago.  Grading involves the appearance of the cells and the rate at which they grow.  Staging involves how contained the cells are and how far have they traveled.  With a biopsy you will get the grade ( this is why it takes some time for results; they monitor growth).  Staging is preliminarily decided once images are taken, but until lymph nodes are tested, there may not be a clear result.

    in my case the tumor was looking to tether to the chest wall, but chemo stopped that.  At first they said Stage 3, but after my surgery it was redefined as Stage 2 Grade 3.  It grew irregularly, but it did not spread beyond the affected breast.

    waiting is the worst part.


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    High Grade Tumor

    Almost NINE years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IIa Grade 3 breast cancer. I underwent a single mastectomy followed by 16 rounds of chemotherapy followed by 2 reconstruction surgeries.  I have been in remission since then. I have always believed  that  knowledge is power. I strongly recommend that you read about grading versus staging and formulate a list of qustions for your doctor. It IS terrifying to be diagnosed with cancer but it is also survivable.  Keep asking questions.