Fried neck fried brain


Fried neck FRIED BRAIN.Im sorry that I put on here that I would have to go to the bank and borrow money if insurance wouldnt pay for Pet scan.My wife brought it to my atention that money wasnt a problem as I had sold my 2 buinesses as soon as I found out about the cancer.The bad part is I dont remember owning them.My Pet scan showed NED thank god and insurance paid for it.Now Im going in to find out how much memory loss I have,My wife says its been coming on for awhile.Anyway sorry again how embarassing



  • wbcgaruss
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    It's OK

    This disease puts you under a lot of stress.

    I don't know your case or treatments or operation you may have gone through

    but it is certainly wonderful that you received the pronouncement of NED.

    That is surely something to celebrate.

    Now you can work on your memory problem and I am glad you have a wife 

    looking over you with this next problem.

    Wishing you best of luck that you get everything straightened out and get on with living.


  • Dean54
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    No apologies necessary Dennis

    I feel like I have definitely lost some cognitive funtioning myself but have to deal with the best we can. The main thing is we are still alive and breathing and the positive outcome on your scan is fantastic. Thanks for sharing that with us sir.

  • SuzJ
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    Its called Chemo brain, which coupled with age, is a horrible combination.


    Now not only do I not remember what I went in the room for, I don't remember walking in the room, and... what was I saying?

  • Dennis from Kansas
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    more and more

    Im finding out more of all the things ive done or said and I dont remember them.I cant remember the last 4 of july, or where I was.It will be good to find out what is up, is it  permenant or will i get it back,Anyway Im up right and .I thank god for that.From what Ive been told I wasnt A GOOD PERSON.

  • tommyodavey
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    Look on the bright side.  At least you have something to blame your memory on.  If others state you weren't a nice guy then now you have the chance to be a new you.  That's a good thing IMO.  Not much you can do about it so either write stuff down or buy a voice recorder to remind yourself.  Sorry to hear the news.  At least there is no pain involved and there is the possiblity of it not getting worse.  It may get better as time heals your brain.  Think positive.