Question about colonoscopies/cancer risk

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I just had my first colonoscopy at age 51.  Had 9 polyps removed,which sounds like a lot.  We're waiting for biopsy results but doc seemed certain they were not cancer.  That said,with the number of polyps putting me in a higher risk category, I need to have my next colonoscopy in 3 years.


Here's what i'm trying to figure out (and please forgive me if this is insensitive to those of you with cancer): if I do the colonoscopies per Dr. orders, what kind of realistic risks do I face.  I get that younger people (until recently, up to age 50) and older people (beyond the age colonoscopies are recommended) may have cancers growing in them undetected, but do I have that possibility.  My understanding is that it takes 10 years or so for a polyp to develop into cancer, so if I get my next colonoscopy in 3 years, and then another in 3-5 years, do I have anything to worry about?


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    Polyps are different growing so if one is of non cancerous it will not turn into cancer, but some are fast growing and could turn (not always), but could.  Not all polyps take 10 years to turn into cancer.  Mine was about 5-7 years, but that is a guestimate.  I'd rather have another colonoscopy in 3 years than risk the chance of waiting longer and a polyp turning into cancer.  If my test was done 5 years before, I'd never be here as they would have caught it.  Have a colonoscopy when your doctor tells you to and you should be fine.  Wishing you the best on the biopsy report.