My first treatment today,

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My first treatment went well today, way better then I was expecting. I now have my first tattoos :)

two chemo pills this morning, then off to radiation and get my measurments. Nothing hurt, I just closed my eyes and focused on holding still. 

Once all that was finished, I went for my chemo in vain treatment (chemo push). I will only have one more of those in about 4 weeks. I will be taking the chemo pills, 5 a day with radiation. 



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    I'm so happy to hear that today went well for you. If I remember right, I also was expecting to "feel something" (not sure what really) but in the beginning the treatment was rather uneventful too. I guess thats good.

    Chemo and radiation have a cumulative effect so for most the radiation burn issues seem to hit around 3 weeks and continue until a couple weeks after treatment ends. Effects from chemo really vary with each person...some with a great deal of ill feeling and others only a little. Try to maintain a good diet, rest, exercise while you feel up to it, and I will pray you are one who sails right through!

    In my thoughts...


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    I'm so glad you have day one behind you!  I hope the rest of your treatment goes quickly for you with minimal side effects. 

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    anal cancer

    Thank you very much.