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Hi, I haven't been on this site in quite some time.  I am a BC survivor.  DI in 2011.  In January the Onc stopped the Arimidex after taking it 6 years.  I have recently been having headaches, slight cough and bone pain.  Anyone have this?  Of course my mind goes immediately to "oh no... cancer again".  UGH . I have not yet called the Onc...  but will do so if it persists.  Just reaching out to see if anyone might have any insight...


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    I haven't been on here for some time also, for some reason I decided to log on today and saw your post. I was first diagnosed with BC in Sept. 2010. I had radical mastectomies with immediate reconstruction. I refused chemo and radiation but took Tamoxifen for 6 yrs.. Sometime in 2016, I started having back pain. I didn't think anything of it because I just had my bloodtest done a couple of months prior and everything was in the normal range. So I just ignored it until it was time for me to have a bloodtest again ( I do it every 6 mos.) and so this time my tumor marker was high, so my doctor ordered bone scan, ct scan and MRI.  The results were the cancer came back and had metastasized to my liver, back and brain. I had to do radiation to my back first because one of the lesions were pushing against my spine and might cause paralysis, then I had cyber knife surgery to the lesion in my brain then I started chemo last year.

    If you're feeling pain or something out of the ordinary please don't wait or ignore it, at least get a blood test done with a tumor marker just to make sure and for peace of mind.  I hope I was able to give you the insight you're looking for. I will be praying for you, Take care.  

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    Prayers going up for you!!

    Prayers going up for you



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    Please go get checked.

    Please go get checked.