8mm nodule that is spiculated

I was told they were concerned that it was cancer because it was spiculated. Doc said sending me for pet scan and then possible biopsy. 2 hours later doc calls and says they are putting me on antibiotics, then rescan in 2 months. I'm confused. I don't have insurance. That wouldn't have influenced their decision would it have? Should I worry? Should I demand pet scan? If cancer, won't it get bigger in 2 months?


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    A lot of things that show up in lungs are actually lung infections.  Not that they're good for you, but they're not cancer.  Best to rule out that first.

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    Just found the same thing

    Hi, how did this turn out?  They just found a 9mm spiculated nodule in lung, pet scan was clear no uptake and now I see the pulmonologist Feb. 13.  Terrified

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    You will not get a response most likely

    from the original poster as they posted once and never came back. This often happens. I did reply to you in your other post but thought I would had this to link for you as well.



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    Biopsy is the only answer here.