Thank you 'all

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I hope all of you can appreciate the support you give me. Sorry I can't email everyone but the karma is so thick I remain in a very good place. It always comes down to counting blessings and not wasting opportunities. I hope I send that message loud and clear.

No one can be prepared to face cancer without help. By definision cancer is a mistake. It is not supposed to happen. Our network works best from particpation. Not what have you done for me lately. How else can it multiply and be greater after use?

My current improvements are beyond expectations. What else is new? The poly neuropathies are hardest to deal with as they are so limiting. Finding alternative methods can take a lot of steam out of my sails. The focus has to be on achievable goals and prioritizing effort. The energy costs  are too high not to. Yesterday that meant lots of rest. I hate to waste the time. I'll increase my walking today and enjoy the  outdoors. The runners mentality says I will accomplish more with better endurance.

Put in your effort folks.  Improving is within reach.



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    You're always there for us;

    You're always there for us; least we can do is be there for you. Big hugs!

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    Keep on keeping on, Foxy. 

    Keep on keeping on, Foxy.  You got the PMA (positive mental attitude) that can push back hard on cancer. 

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    So glad to

    See you on the site-it's payback time from all if us-keep feeling better-may g-d send you healing--June

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    Happy to hear you are

    Happy to hear you are improving!!!!

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    Big hugs and prayers

    PPraying your strength will quickly  be stronger than before,  BIG HUGS  to you and your family. 

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    Inspirational thoughts...

    Thank you.  Glad your having better days! Prayers and good thoughts for you.

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    i hope that YOU realize that the thick karma is a reflection of you.

    What you provide here and I suspect, outside of this network is massive hope and positivity coupled with the hard truths of cancer.It’s great to hear from you.

    will write more when we return home from visiting our son and grandsons 


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    You da man, Foxy! So glad to

    You da man, Foxy! So glad to see you pushing through it! Keep it going. Hugs and much love!!