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The latest post by Fox made me cry. This is increadably inspirational, something which will be burned into me forever. Its a celebration of human strength and love of life. 

It made me think of how I feel about life. I'm a very positive person despite health anxiety. But I still worry about totally insignificant things compared to what Fox and others go through - like carrer, salary increase, etc... And I know people who stress out even much smaller things - like, they think their life is **** because the weather during their last vacation wasn't perfect.

I'll copy Fox's post and show them. it is impossible that they read and remain unmoved by it. I myself will make adjustements of my perception of life, and I'm sure it will help my friends too. You simply can't go on moaning that your car broke down or your kid is misbehaving after reading this...

Fox, you will definitely help to change some lives with it. Thank you, and stay strong!



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    totally agree....

    I am working on my health anxiety as well and Fox provides such an incredible perspective. We are all mortal. We are not infallible. There is an expiration on all of us, but when? So I used to spend half my time worried that every dizzy spell was some brain cancer or heart palpitation some major defect. Just anxiety. Can you imagine getting to the end of the long journey of life contemplating how much time you spent not actually living because you feared something that didn't exist? Yes, we have all been through our journeys through cancer, some harder than others, but we are here. We are here. Nobody, cancer survivor or not, can guarantee anything further than today. Soak it all in, live it hard, and you will have lived a life worth living. 


    Thank you Fox

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    I feel the same as both of

    I feel the same as both of you. Even though I'm a relative newbie in these parts. I have had some black days here and some knock you up the side of the head revelations on my health. Now after reading Fox's post, I am ashamed.

    What a great warrior, and all of you here, also.

    Such total love and respect for all of you.

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    Well said, Allochka! Foxy

    Well said, Allochka! Foxy shows us what really matters, and what true grit really is! An amazing man - and we all look up to him!



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    I think.

    we are all inspirational. 

  • Positive_Mental_Attitude
    We all have our problems. 

    We all have our problems.  Some of our problems are trivial, some are not so trivial, and some are enormous.

    I have a bit of a warped sense of humor.  My approach to a bad situation is that if cannot laugh at something, the alternative is crying, and laughing is a hell of a lot more fun than crying.

    I frequently look at how I reacted to and handled my cancer diagnoses 4 years ago and laught at myself for being overly dramatic and emotional.  The laughter makes me feel good now that I have been cancer free for nearly four years.

    When I first read Foxy's post, and it made me want to cry.  But Foxy does not want us to cry.  He wants to feel strength in his strength.  The world needs more Foxy people.  And all of the othe people who post here.


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    Well said Crashter

    We are all inspirations!