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Choices to be made ct scan showed a very large tumor back/base of tongue stage 4 one node, went through my nose looked around said epiglottis was not affected. Upcoming biopsy to determine exact pathology. He said surgery was would need to remove entire tongue but that would be my choice. The board will discuss it after biopsy. Not sure what I am looking for from you folks maybe just someone to share with.


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    My heart goes out to you

    Certainly not what you were hoping for.

    Are you getting a PET or other scan you usually get a PET scan to make sure cancer is nowhere else in the body.

    A PET is a whole body scan with dye injected beforehand.

    I think it shows the extent of the tumor you have and lets them plan treatment  by it.

    I could be wrong about the treatment based on PET they may do CAT scan.

    Maybe some others on here can verify what scans are appropriate or give useful guidance as to the questions to ask and the path to take.

    See what the board says after biopsy they may be able to change what your hearing now as far as treatment.

    Have they mentioned any Radiation or Chemotherapy as possible main treatment or follow up sometimes they can choose not to operate and just us those methods.

    Write down your questions now so you have them to take along.

    If possible you may want to get a second opinion just to be sure you are making the right decision.

    I was through throat cancer treatment and I know when you get the diagnosis of cancer it is tough to say the least.

    Hope this helps in some little way.

    Trust in God-Prayers Your Way.

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    Thank You


    Thank You

    It Is pretty much what I expected, I will see what they say after the biopsy need to know if it is HPV+ and what the board says. He told me that they won't recommend surgery. 


    He showed me the ct scan,, pretty plane to see and a pet scan is coming up.


    Yes we talked about chemoradiation and the possibility of a cure with that and choice of treatment in KC or Topeka. We talked about the standard 35 rads at 70 grey and 3 chemo. 


    Really I had no symptoms till mid January or so I thought thinking back I recall coughing up a piece of food after I ate a few times.

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    Same with my Cancer

    Back in late 2012 I had a very large throat cancer tumor.

    Same thing no symptoms until I had a sore throat that wouldn't go away.

    I guess these things grow slowly over time and your body adapts to it.

    I had another bout of cancer on my tongue recently and was operated on 6/21/18.

    So today is a week since my surgery.

    Removed the cancer and believe they have clear margins.

    ENT Doc feels it is a new cancer not from the old cancer of 2012.

    Well it sounds like you are getting plenty of tests and are on top of the situation.

    May God Bless you in this difficult time of tests, treatments, and the decisions you and your medical team have to make.