Does my throat look normal?

I've been depressed for years and just started smoking few weeks ago. Sometimes i am having fever and feeling lump in my throat.
Thank you guys...imageimage


  • johnsonbl
    johnsonbl Member Posts: 266 Member
    I recommend going to a primary care physician...

    We can't diagnose anything nor really tell anything from your pictures.  Sorry.

  • donfoo
    donfoo Member Posts: 1,770 Member
    see a doc

    second the suggestion. Go see a doctor if concerned. We are totally unable to offer any medical advice worth more than the click on the keyboards posting here.

  • wbcgaruss
    wbcgaruss Member Posts: 1,964 Member
    Absolutely Agree with jonsonbl & donfoo

    If you think anythings amiss you should see a primary care physican

    and if he thinks there is anything unusual he will send you to an ENT for furthur evaluation.

    Good luck.