First scan post radiation for tongue cancer met

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I'd like to let folks know that my husband's first scan post radiation was all good, no evidence of disease.  Thank you to everyone who took an interest in his case, especially kak0402, katlou, and Gavin.  His cancer began with leukoplakia on tongue, which was monitored for several years unitl the dysplasia became stage I cancer.  There was hemiglossectomy at that tiime, no other treatment advised.  A little over a year later the cancer, which was HPV+, metasticized to stage 4 in lymph node of neck.  There was aggressive chemo to shrink tumor followed by modified radical neck dissection, followed by 35 rounds of radiation along with more weekly chemo.  Thanks to this site, we knew what to expect at each step during ordeal and post treatment.  We'll be embarking on new normal of regular scans, but getting past this first scan feels like an enormous milestone.  I'm going to stay on the look out for anyone doing the leukoplakia route, to try to share from our experience. 


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    Congratulations on NED

    Great news it doesn't get any better than having a clear scan and hearing NED.

    Thankfully things are going well with the situation and wishing you continued blessings.

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    Great news!

    I am so glad to hear that your husband's scan turned out well; that must be such a relief.   I am praying that your husband continues on the road to complete recovery.  Please keep us up to date on how he is doing.