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Had my (almost) 1 year CT Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis.  All clear! Until the end of the report which states an enlarged lymph node, cannot rule out metastatic disease. Urologist says no worries it is less then 1 cm and “we don’t worry unless larger then 1 cm”. Report also states unchanged from previous CT. However on previous CT the lymph node was not mentioned.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I’m not sure if I need a second opinion.  Thank you!


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    I have a 1cm enlarged lymph node. My doc said, no big deal. Enjoy the NED.

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    Different Radiologists?

    Do you know if the same radiologist wrote the two reports?  How long ago was the first?

    Often if someone new takes over they may choose to comment on something that was there all along but others did not think worth mentioning.  You can ask them (or get your doctor to) if there was in fact anything changed about that node.

    Best wishes.

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    Many non cancer related

    Many non cancer related reasons can also enlarge a node such as infection, virus, inflammation.

    If your oncologist has kidney cancer experience then don't worry, they usually check the size and shape of this node in your next follow up to make decision.


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    Thank you

    For responding. I will stop worrying and enjoy NED!!!

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    We don’t usually worry about

    We don’t usually worry about any lymph node that measures sub 1cm. Every radiologist is different. I teach my students only to comment on them if they are abnormal. However, I’ve worked with many that  say “multiple sub centimeter nodes seen”. Enjoy NED!

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    My husband has 0,8 cm

    My husband has 0,8 cm mesenteric lymphnodes on his abdominal CT. They do not change over time, and nobody worries about them. But sometimes they are mentioned on report, sometimes not. Depends on radiologist. Listen to Kat, she is a pro in this! 

    Condrats on NED!


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    Awesome news on the NED.  Thanks for sharing!


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    Great News Girl

    we need good news.. well done keep it up