Biopsy....potential recurrence



Its been 2.5 years since last treatment for HPV tonsil cancer.  Had a small painful sore on top of my tongue that won't heal.  Looked like a canker sore.  Biopsy Friday.  Waiting game.  ENT said it would be "very rare" for it to come back in the middle of my tongue when it was previously in tonsil/throat region.  Well I will know by Thursday.  Boy this sucks...again.




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    Any new information?

    Any new information?

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    My Story is

    I had throat cancer and was treated with chemo and rads.

    Had the whole routine port, feeding tube.

    I was 4 years 11 months past finishing treatment and was clear of original cancer.

    Got a sore spot on bottom left of tongue recently that wouldn't go away.

    ENT did biopsy-cancer confirmed.

    But he called this another cancer-not from original cancer and not a recurrence.

    At least it was caught early.

    I was operated on 6/21/18 and am recovering.

    Saw the ENT today for follow up and am doing great about another week or week and a half will be all healed up.

    At this point no chemo or rads they check while they operate and he is confidant that he has clear margins-all cancer removed.

    This is just my story-not to scare you-the biopsy will tell the story so until they tell you it's cancer it's not cancer.

    Praying you don't have cancer maybe just a lesion or ulcer or something-God Bless

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    Any new information?

    double post ,, sorry