Biopsy....potential recurrence



Its been 2.5 years since last treatment for HPV tonsil cancer.  Had a small painful sore on top of my tongue that won't heal.  Looked like a canker sore.  Biopsy Friday.  Waiting game.  ENT said it would be "very rare" for it to come back in the middle of my tongue when it was previously in tonsil/throat region.  Well I will know by Thursday.  Boy this sucks...again.




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    Waiting is Difficult

    And by far waiting for anything is tough but good or bad we just want our

    biopsy results so we know what we are facing.

    I can't explain it either because it seems to me it will either be good or bad usually no in between news.

    So either way wishing you the best and hoping the doctor is right that the odds are so far off of it being cancer that is is not cancer.

    Praying it is just a small irritation easily managed.

    Don't forget what they say on here-it's not cancer till they say it's cancer.


    Also you double posted (2 posts the same) so you can remove the other one.

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    Biopsy results came back his

    Biopsy results came back his morning!  Its a radiation damage ulcer on my tongue, but NOT CANCER. The ENT is recommending a small surgery to remove the damaged tissue, but boy what a relief. I have to say this place has been a constant place to return to when issues come up, or I just want to try to help others in our position.  Even 2.5 years later everything feels like it just happened.  For those of you in the fight, keep it up.  I am learning that once it goes away, it does not really leave your mind. Good luck everyone.  I will be reading and providing whatever support I can.  Thank you for the regulars on here who provide a much need voice of reason in the dark.



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    What a blessing to receive news like that.

    That's just it we are inclined once we have had cancer to right away think

    a new sore spot or lump is cancer back.

    Especially if it is near the same area.

    I guess it's the old adage "once bitten twice shy".

    How joyful you must be-live on-God Bless