Partial Glossectomy Yesterday 6/21/18

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Good Morning


First I would like to give God the Praise Glory for a successful operation that went well.

And thank him for the all the many who were praying so fervently for me.

And for the great medical team I had that made everything go so smoothly and successfully.

That applies over the whole gamut of my care at the hospital from check desk in to my discharge

nurse they make you feel comfortable and well cared for.


The operation went smoothly at least that is what I can gather considering I slept through

most of it.


Dr Belser ENT gave an estimate of around 2 hours but I believe it was just slightly over 1 hour.

So things must have gone well since it was about half the estimated time.

My Doctor is very confident he removed all the cancer and we have clear margins.

I don't believe they removed much tissue as my tongue looks intact except the shape is a little

off on the left side because of the stitches.

When they dissolve it may not be noticeable.

I have liquid and tablet pain reliever but don’t have a lot of pain mostly some soreness so I don’t

think I will need to take pain meds for long.

Thankfully the constant soreness and pain that had recently developed is gone.

For now the tongue is mostly numb on the left side and speech is a bit off but time will heal.

Stitches are the dissolving kind so they will take care of themselves.

I will be on soft foods for a bit like eggs, oatmeal, soups, anything that doesn’t take a lot of

chewing I guess and also have some of the breakfast drink mixes on hand that you can drink.

Follow up with ENT doc is July 2, 2018.

I guess that about sums it up for now-any questions or suggestions let me know.

I’m just going to have to adapt to some changes for now and see if it all goes back to normal

or near normal over time we shall see.


Again thanks all for your Prayers, Concerns.

It is Greatly Appreciated.


Russell & Linda



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    Happy to hear the good news!

    I am so happy to hear that your surgery went so well.  

    I also had numbness after my surgery that lasted for a few weeks but is completely gone now.  It gradually improved over time.  They had me on a soft diet for about two weeks and after my follow up with my ENT I was back to being allowed to eat solid foods, kind of slowly at first.  My speech was a bit off for a very short while too but people told me that they couldn't tell and my speech is completely normal now.

    Rest and get better.  Things will start improving soon.

  • wbcgaruss
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    Thanks Katlou

    Great to hear from someone who's been through it and the encouraging words.

  • PCB Joe
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    Glad everything went well.

    Glad everything went well. Did he tell you the size of the tumor?

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    Awesome sir

    And so wish you a speedy recovery.

  • wbcgaruss
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    Size of tumor

    Don't know if im right on this but it was small 1cm I think.

    I will check if different I will post correction.


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    Tumor size clarification

    I asked the wife as she has the memory and this also supports the the idea we always hear on this site

    have someone else with you because the patient isn't always thinking clearly.

    She states the doc said it was stage I (one) and looking it up on the net showing comparisons it was

    approximately pea sized.

    ENT doc removed main area and then a little bit more to guarantee as best he can clear margins.

    Feeling pretty good but I can tell it will take a bit of recovery time.

    Take care all you cancer surthrivors out there.