possibility recurrence will happen

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On my pathology report show the following:

Clear Cell 4.6 cm tumor
Stage 1
Grade 4
Clear margin
Sarcomatoid present- No percentage giving
Necrosis present

What is the possibility of recurrence?


  • foroughsh
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    Each and every one of us have

    Each and every one of us have our unique conditions, no one can say it for sure that what will definitely happen or not. It depends on so many things most of them unknown to urologists and oncologists. Usually they say two main factors are grade and stage. Based on your info it is a small tumor, which makes it stage one, this is the best stage a cancer patient can hope for, it is grade four which makes it aggressive and that's why it has sacromotoid features and necrosis . I think in this case it's better not to follow up this patient like an ordinary stage one patient. I think it's good to be vigilant and meet a  oncologist with kidney cancer speciality.



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    1774--Ditto what Foroughsh said--she gave some great advice.  So many factors fall into the chances of recurrence.  Stage and grade are definiately high on the list.  Be diligent with your scan schedule.  Hopefully, you won't have to deal with anything popping up.

    Best of luck,


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    According to the internet

    i have a 53 per cent of recurrence within 5 years. It’s been two. Do I count on the cancer coming back in three years? No. I live everyday, one day at a time. The rest is just numbers.

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    The numbers and percentages

    The numbers and percentages are horrible for me. So I stopped looking at them. I don't believe them. It's based on OLD information, anyway. For example, I have a more rare, aggressive type of pRCC, type II, and I am on a medication now that was just put on the market last winter. None of the stats for my survival reflect that. I just got my scan results back after three months on this med, Cabozantinib, and it is killing the cancer and has reduced everything. 

    I just take it a day at a time and let the docs worry about the rest of it. Not saying I'm not proactive in my own healthcare, but I don't live to worry about what the numbers say. No way am I ready to be pushing up daisies just yet. Later!!

    I think I have about an 8% chance of maybe living 5 more years if I'm darned lucky. Not buying into it.

    But if it returns, and I know it will at some point, I'm ok with that, too. More or less.

    We're all terminal, anyway, from that very first breath we took!

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    Optimism and Vigilance

    You have every reason to hope for the best, but we all know that nothing can be taken for granted.  Live life to the full and start a regular regime of scans just to make sure. 

    Hopefuly in the near future they will develop a reliable blood test for metastatic cancers.

    Best wishes.

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    I dont look at stats because

    I dont look at stats because you will never know where you fit in those results.

    I do encourage any RCC patient to have a complete work-up looking for RCC in other areas besides the kidneys.  Have a nuclear bone scan and if possible a MRI of the brain.  

    My husband had a Stage 1 diagnosis of a 5 cm kidney tumor.  While he was waiting for the scheduled surgery we asked for more tests and scans.  Turns out he had bone mets, multiple sites and lymph nodes.  He was changed to Stage 4.  Dont be afraid....early findings have better outcomes.  This was 6 1/2 years ago and he is doing great.