Canadians—Husband diagnosed: Question re WORK AND PAY


My husband was diagnosed a few weeks ago with colorectal cancer.

Treatment should start soon...we are meeting with the oncologist next week.

My husbands work only gives him 5 sick days and 4 personal days. 

In Canada, does that mean after he uses those 9 days, he only gets 
4 months of medical EI?

Please help if you know or have been thru this.

I’m very scared and overwhelmed for his health and how to practically get thru this!


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    I live in Canada, too. My

    I live in Canada, too. My understanding is that the medical EI lasts longer than the regular and will be fast tracked so he'll get it before he'd get the regular. Also, with the regular EI he's supposed to be "ready, able and willing" to work every day. If they find out he's sick they'll take it back.

    Good luck!