radium 223 and zytiga

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I have been checking  the use of aberatoron (zytiga) and radium 223 together, looks like it might be a fit for me and I might hang around a little longer..

Of course the cost would probably be to high..  oh well, so it goes ! ;~}


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    Did you try patient support?

    Financial assistance is available from Janssen, the maker of Zytiga.


    and for Xofigo (radium 223):


    I hope this will help you!

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    Xofigo is good when the immune system is at its best


    I wonder if radium 223 (Xofigo) would be a good choice for you "young" fella. It is used in systemic cases but it is linked to adverse side effects (some lasting extensive periods) when the patient's immune system is not strong to counter the blow. The problem is that this drug uses the bone formation system as its pathway to reach cancer and in the process jeopardizes the building blocks of our immune system. When we are not so young things can go sour. I recommend you to consult your oncologist and get a clean health bill regarding the lipids before any decision.



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    thanx for the input

    Old Salt and V Gama,, i love you guys,, it makes me feel like i am not alone in this fight...