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Hi Everyone,

I have not posted a NED thread before mostly because my kind of cancer was different from the norm.  Most here suffered through SCC and have a 5 year clear goal line.  Mine was Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma and not as bad if caught early.  The main difference was not getting chemo because they said my C wouldn't respond to it. Had rads but not as many. (25)


After 5 years I thought my doctor would release me.  Nope.  He wants to see me for a total of 15 years before saying "case closed".  That doesn't make me very happy but I can handle it.  Another member here said his doctor cleared him after 5 and he had the same cancer as me.  Goes to show you how doctors opinions are varied.  To be safe I'll stick with my 15 year plan.


So, no cheers or words of congratulations for me.  If I'm still posting here after 15 years then I'll post it.




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    Hey tommyodavey

    Three cheers and a congratulations anyway on getting the ever so loved report of NED.

    Cancer is cancer and a clear report is worth giving thanks to God for the blessing of it.

    You may not have had as heavy a treatment but we all vary but you are still a member of the club nobody wants to be in.

    All docs are different and cancers are different.

    Hey we can give you a 5, 10, and a 15 year congrats it's all good.

    Many hinge on the 5 year idea but there was a lady in one of our cancer support groups that was

    8 years out and her cancer came back.

    I think for most of us no matter the time frame we are in there is always a little thing way

    in the back of our mind and I don't know how to phrase it not like we worry about it but know the possibility is there.

    Take care my friend and enjoy your diagnosis and live on.

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    15 years is a long time, for any of us to still be here.

    Well, did the 8 year lady declare a NED for 3 years?