Delaying my 6th round of chemo by 2 weeks...advice or unsight please!

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I informed my doctor this morning that i would be out of town visiting my family some of whom i havent seen in over 4 years with them being stationed in japan. But the dates i will be out of town would force me to delay one round of my treatment by 2 weeks. We butted heads for a while and then she told me that she scheduled my appointment for its regular date and that if i chose to change it, to go ahead and do it, but its on me. Wtf does that even mean???? I dont see why delaying 2 weeks is going to be a game changer...but i am not a doc either. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas! Thanks!!


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    I think it really comes down

    I think it really comes down to what's most important to you. I know when it's me, I usually listen to the doc in stuff like that because the intervals of these treatments are scientifically studied so that they are optimal for killing the cancer. If you take too much time off, it can start to grow again and then you're losing progress.


    But it sounds like it's really important for you to see these family members so you just gotta kinda weigh the pros and cons. Maybe further discussion with your doctor would help you understand her reasoning.