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Hi all the friends I have made here. I have stage three mo no esophageal cancer as most know. I made the trip two months ago to Pittsburg and met with Dr Lukit h. My surgery was set for next month. Unfortunately I had to cancel today. On Thursday last week my wife has a stroke and is now completely paralyzed on one side and it’s important for me to stay here and take care of her as she is more important then me at this time. The good news is my last two PET scans show me to be free of the cancer. Dr lukatich did order a second round of chemo which I completed on Friday. Pleas pray for me that I have made the correct choice. Steve


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    That's Awful

    Hello Steve,

    Oh god, that's awful.  Do you have anyone in the family that can take care of your wife for a while?  She may well outlast you if you don't have the surgery, and who's going to be there for her then?  This is a horrible spot you're in. 

    I wish the best for you guys,


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    I am so sorry to hear about your wife


    What a terrible predicament! Is it possible that someone in your family, of a friend, could stay with your wife while you have your surgery? Dr. Luketich uses a minimally invasive approach that can have you up and functioning within a couple of weeks. Of perhaps surgery can be delayed until your wife’s medical situation has some time to stabilize?

    It is good to hear that your last two scans show no evidence of disease. I would suggest you talk to Dr. Luketich’s office about having frequent scans to monitor your condition and consider not taking surgery off the table; but consider it as a later option as things settle down. Your wife’s paralysis may not be permanent, and things can improve significantly with medication and rehabilitation.

    In any case I will be praying that God protects you while you care for your wife, and leads you to the best long term decision for both of you.   

    Best Regards,

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