Should I be worried?


I had vaginal ultrasound at my gynecologist to check on my uterine fibroids. I didn't get to see doctor only teaching assistant. But she informed me my really large fibroid had gotten bigger and I had multiple new smaller ones and was to come back in 2 months for my pap and check up. Very next morning I received phone call from imaging facility telling me my doctor had ordered another vaginal ultrasound through them. She evidently ordered it after I had left after she looked at my results. She's never done this before. So I'm really concerned of uterine cancer. Should I be panicking?!! My pain has increased in the last week also. Any opinions ?


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    Waiting is so hard

    Hi Jparris71, 

    The waiting is so terribly difficult. I don't have any experience with fibroids. I know some of the other ladies here have experience with bith fibroids and with cancer. I'm sure they will be along soon. The good news is that your doctor seems to right on top of thoroughly checking out what is going on.



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    Jparris71, I am glad to hear

    Jparris71, I am glad to hear your doctor is conducting more testing.  Try not to get too far ahead of yourself and just be sure to push for some definitive answers.  Waiting is hard, but your doctor is good to be engaged in finding out what is going on.  

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    Im glad your doctor is doing

    Im glad your doctor is doing testing for you. There is gar too many that wont.  My doctor was very vigilant. I cant remember the details since its been a few years but it was fibroids my doctor was concerned with. I had some majorvblood clots that took me to see her but after an ultra sound she found fibroids. I was on birth control for a month and she dis another ultrasound from there she wanted me to see a gynacoligist who then gave me a biopsy to find my cancer.

    I know its scary to do all this testing and its hard too but it is the best thing to do.  It might be nothing, which i hope is the case, but its best to know for sure. I give alot of credit told my original doctor for saving my life. 

    Good luck as you go forward and know you can come to this site any time for support.