Lymphedema and ear pain?

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Hey all - does anyone have any experience with ear pain that may be caused by lymphedema, or by the lympedema massages?


I've had pretty significant lymphedema on the right side/tumor side of my neck ever since the surgery to remove BOT cancer and neck dissection in December, just started getting the massages/therapy about a month ago, and it's really really helped (previously had a really hard lump, fibrosis, but the massages break it up and I even look better most days).


But, about a week or so into the massages I started noticing discomfort in my right ear (and to a lesser extent the throat though this doesn't feel like a typical sore throat). Some days when the pressure is applied to a specific spot on the neck I can feel it in my ear, so I'm pretty sure the ear discomfort is connected to the lympedema and massages.


But, wondered if anyone else has any experience with this, and if so, if there's anything to do (besides take 2 ibuprofin!) to help with the ear pain. Thanks!


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    Ear Pain

    My neck dissection disrupted lots of nerve endings along the right side of my face from chin to ear and my shoulder as well.  Occasionally I get pain in my ear, but I am assuming its from the nerves waking back up...

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    I didn't have surgery but did

    I didn't have surgery but did have ear pain when I ate something hot or cold (like soup or icecream). I finished treatment Nov 2017 and had ear pain til about Feb-March.

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    ear pain

    I finished 35 rad & 7 chemo treatments mid Jan and I've had pretty significant ear pain until lately, I blamed it on my estuation tube being burnt up by the rad.  I'd hold my nose and blow real hard to clear it, sometimes I'd get it cleared, sometimes not.


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    Speaking of Lymphedema

    I've had some serious issues with lymphedema in my upper and lower jaw area, mainly the lower.  It started about 6 weeks ago, 3-4 months after treatments ended.  I'm getting treated by my swallowing theripist and a Phy. Theripist, but I'm still taking pretty good pain meds.  Anybody have any experience with this?  How long does it last?  The fibrosis in my nect is still there also.  Thanks for the help